The Flying Escape Room

The Flying Escape Room


baj van a piltval

Something is wrong with our pilot!

Imagine you and your family and/or your friends or colleagues are just traveling by plane when suddenly because of some reason you find yourself alone on board. Why? It can be the first task: find out the story. But anyhow now the autopilot is still flying the course. Up to now. The radio is out of order. The task is simple: survive. Is it possible? Perhaps not, but how close do we get to the solution? Don't worry there will be a very strange help...

Solving the task no special skills needed absolutely enough the knowledge you need to solve any other kind of escape room. Attention, logic, cooperation, find and ask the right questions.

Real cockpit real illusion! The three projectors do their job. We feel it in our stomach.

The game takes two hours, the first half hour is the preparing (not fly teaching) followed by the one-hour simulation and the final half hour is discussion about experiences, conclusions, evaluations.


At Budapest the location is near Boráros tér, where they created the surroundings of a real airport environment, practically from the moment of enter to get used to the upcoming experiences.

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Whom we reccomend?
We offer it to families, friendly companies. It can be a gift or a surprise, but definitely a good party. The expirience is extraordinary we garantee this. But of course the space available is not too big the ideal number of participiants is 2-6 person, maximum 8.

In hope of mutually beneficial cooperation best regards

János Geréb

electric engineer, trainer
"flight simulator pilot"
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