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The Flying Escape Room
(Adventure for families, groups of friends)

baj van a piltvalSomething is wrong with our pilot!!!

What's the problem?
Imagine that you are travelling with your family or a group of friends on a plane, when for some reason you find yourself alone on board a large airliner. Why? First task: you invent the story! But anyway, right now the autopilot is flying the route. Still flying. The radio is not working. The task is to land the plane somewhere as soon as possible, i.e. survive. Is that possible? Maybe not, but still, how close are we to a solution? There will be a special help...

You don't need any special skills to solve this task, just enough to solve any other escape room task. Attention, logic, cooperation, finding and asking the right questions.

And where it all happens is in a real, working cockpit, with a little bit of the aircraft behind it. A perfect illusion of movement, the image projected by the three projectors does its job, you can feel it in your stomach.

The game lasts 2 hours, the first half hour of which is spent preparing, learning the important facts (not flying lessons), explaining the rules and getting in the mood. Then comes the actual practice, the simulation, for which 1 hour is available. Then, in the final half hour, we discuss what happened, what we could have done differently, and in general, how did we feel?

Who do we recommend it to?

Families, groups of friends. It can be a gift, a surprise, and a good party in general. The experience is extraordinary, we guarantee it. But as the available space is obviously not very big, the ideal number of people is 4-6, but no more than 8. But if you want to register individually, click here!


In Budapest, in a location near Boráros Square, where we have tried to create the atmosphere of a real airport environment, helping you to get in the mood for the experience to come.



Hoping to see you soon:

János Geréb

electrical engineer, trainer
"aircraft simulator pilot"
 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
+36 30 9211827